Hello there!

I am so glad you’re here. Just like you there are many facets to my life. I was married on August 15, 2015 and so very glad I was! I’ll write an entire post of our love story but to tide you over, here are a few pictures of our courtship, engagement, and wedding day:

After we married we moved from Los Angeles to my home of Portland and I suddenly found myself in a new town close to where I grew up but still new to me, a stay at home wife and no longer earning my own way in the world but blessed to have someone care for me. I am extremely domestically minded and love cooking, organizing, decorating, crafting, and hosting! I’m very hospitality minded. I’ve always found myself serving in hospitality in some way in church and get the most fulfillment in that. Food and Jesus, what’s not to love?!

Besides taking care of and making a home, I’m an Independent Beauty Consultant with a well known company, and drive with the popular ride-share company on the weekends or when I accidentally spend too much on my aforementioned passions! As a gift giver, Christmas was one of those occasions. I love to serve in church and help when I can. I know they’re not the top quality coffee shop but I really love Starbucks. I have friends who roast their own coffee and yes, it tastes better but I like how I can get the same drink anywhere in the world! I visited France and it was my little comfort when I was away. That, and I wanted the Demi Tess that said Paris France from the Louvre.

So what are we doing here? Well, I found myself on Pinterest and so engrossed in blogs and pins that I asked myself how I can make money doing what I love. I first thought of becoming a Home Economics teacher and while that is a possibility it will take time and some more college to get to that point. So, I created this blog to  share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained in my few years and I hope you will be so blessed by it as well! I said I needed to earn money, which means you will see some ads on the blog. Thank you as you read you’re supporting my passions and I am ever so grateful. REALLY!
I also am allergic to milk and dairy and opt out from eating pork, so my recipes will reflect that as well as other possible options. I don’t have a gluten sensitivity and don’t know enough to cater to that need but I do know there are a lot of amazing posts and links all over the Web for that.

Please read my Welcome post! There’s a little something at the end for ya.

I’m so so glad you’re here!