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My Special Brownies- It’s Not What You Think!

I know what most people think when they hear “special brownies” but no these aren’t them. I don’t do that though it is legalized and very popular in my area. No, instead with a lack of creativity for another name and a desire to have a tongue in cheek blog post title I came up with this name. Now these amazingly delicious brownies are addictive, so there is that. But if you love chocolate mixed with other things or are on a hormonal rampage of need of all things chocolate, these might just satisfy.

I was inspired by either a pin or some video about brownies and immediately got up from my computer and into my kitchen to create like Dr. Frankenstein a monster of a delicious brownie concoction!

I picked out from leftover christmas candy (that was supposed to be for gingerbread houses but never made it) and my pantry. You are more than welcome to come up with your own special brownies. These ingredients are just what I had in the house and thought could or would be good on/in a brownie. Please experiment and use your own on hand things and take a picture and share it with us! The possibilities are endless!

What I had were:

Special Brownie Ingredients-DomiciliaryBlog
Special Brownie Ingredients Cinnamon Sugar Mixed, Chili Powder, Peppermint Chocolates, Pretzel Sticks, Coconut Flakes, and a box of Fudge Brownie Mix

Cinnamon and sugar mixed

Chili powder

Mint and Chocolate candies

Pretzel sticks

Coconut flakes


I decided to do rows of toppings and left the last bit uncovered for the option of plain brownie. You can totally make a beautiful detailed design and get really creative! Instead of baking a cake this could be cool to write someone’s name and make a picture in toppings. Ah, another post for another day!

Toppings Set

Following the box directions, and after scooping some out to eat (*contains eggs. Not advised to eat raw unpasteurized eggs) I popped them in the oven to bake and man, did they smell good!

Post Baking My Special Brownies- DomiciliaryBlog


So what you see here is the sugar melted and crisped the top of the brownie, the chili mixed with the brownie mix and kind of disappeared but you can see a little bit of it. The peppermint chocolates kind of sank and must have bubbled and then cooled because they look a little sad. The pretzels look amazing and the coconut toasted beautifully.

Plating My Special Brownies- DomiciliaryBlog


  1. I will put much more chili powder. The hubby was terrified to try it but when he did said that you couldn’t even taste it. I was going for an aztec mexican hot chocolate vibe but I guess there wasn’t enough spice.
  2. I would like to bury the peppermint chocolates under brownie mix and see how they fare, at least the space will fill with brownie so it still will be delicious and a little prettier.
  3. I will be making my own brownie mix in the future as store bought taste a little like chemicals and it’s cheaper to make my own. I was just in a chocolate rampage that needed satisfying. I’ll make a big batch of mix so it doesn’t happen in the future.
  4. I would like to do an egg substitution so that I can eat the batter to my heart’s content without the fear of bacterias while it bakes.


What did you like about this idea? Have you done the same? What toppings sound irresistible to you?

Again, share your pictures and stories!




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