Spanish Rice Gone Wrong! And What I’ll Do Next Time

So I was headed out to a holiday potluck party and wanted to make something very easy and cheap. Rice, for me, is one of the best dishes to bring but not knowing what everyone else would have I didn’t want to bring plain rice and no seasonings. Alright, I wanted to be impressive. There, I said it.

So to Pinteret I go and I found this lovely post from FiveHeartHome (click to see original post) and followed the directions with what I had available.

What I Did

I make my rice by washing it three times and then adding equal amount water or liquid of the rice (three cups rice gets three cups water, for example). So when she said to substitute the tomato sauce for a cup of water I did that as well as made my own broth from some Chicken soup base from Winco.20151223_165012.jpgI made two cups of rice so I added one cup of the tomato sauce and one cup of the soup base.


I mixed it a little and then closed the cooker and let it do its thing. Twenty minutes later I heard the beep so I grabbed it and left with a dozen blueberry muffins I whipped up. BIG MISTAKE.

The rice was not cooked. There was still liquid on top. I am not sure if it was my rice cooker or not. My husband said it may have been as he had an issue the other time he tried to make rice (exactly the same way I do) and it didn’t make the rice cook all the way. Maybe maybe. I’m not sure.

When I got to the party I plugged it in and tried to let it go for another round just with the liquid in there. This did not work.

Then I added half a glass of water thinking maybe the rice needed more water. This helped only a few grains of rice and the rest remained crunchy, despite the time spent in liquid.

I decided to ditch it, unplugged it, hid it under the table and smiled and moved on. I tried not to let it bug me and focused on the groups love of my muffins instead. I focused on the laughter, the family time, the kids, connecting and loving on my friends, and enjoying my husband.

Word to the wise: leaving your creation gone wrong on the counter for a few days after is not the answer and will not make the pain go away. Just toss it when it’s close to fresh as possible to avoid the worse consequence of mold! ack! Not fun. Way to go procrastination. When will I learn?

Next Time

Next time I think I will just make the rice with chicken broth or the base as I know will turn out fluffy and nice. Then once I fluff it with a fork I’ll add the tomato sauce, seasoning, and beans or anything else I want to add. I will let you know how it goes.

Now let’s hear from you!

Do you make Spanish rice on the stove or in a rice cooker? What’s your go to recipe? Is there anything unique about it?

Here’s to living and learning!



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